Lacuna Wines

Lacuna is a collaborative venture between four partners Aaron, Nick, Pete and Morgan. Our collective and longstanding passion for wine and food enticed us into the industry.

Now, after years of experience in many facets of the business we are happy and excited to offer a wine of our own. Drawing from elements that have shaped our philosophy and preferences for wines that have origins both near and far we aspired to create a wine that is characteristic of California but also connected to a European tradition of balance and harmony.

Lacuna is the wine we have long dreamed of making and it wholeheartedly and beautifully captures the style of wine we love.

Our vision took almost ten years to realize as we were engaged in our professions as wine importers, consultants, sommeliers and brand managers. The process included endless speculation and, at times, utter confusion on how to get there. Fortunately, the picture came into focus when we met our fourth partner and gifted winemaker, Morgan Twain Peterson.